I can help you with Internal Family Systems' therapy, which is used with a wide variety of health conditions: trauma, depression, anxiety, OCD, addictions, eating disorders, bipolar disorders, personality problems, autism, and for people who may be in abusive situations or find themselves stuck in patterns of sabotaging behaviour.

 When you embody more Self, and begin to love all aspects of your self and body, your extreme 'protector parts' calm down, they become more playful, safer, freer, more open, joyful. Your nervous system becomes safe. You'll suddenly be able to trace the history of your problems with clear understanding. 

 I integrate IFS with trauma therapy to process and desentise extreme aspects of parts of you causing hopelessness, worthlessness and self-abandonment. We can reconnect with your inner child and resolve and repair past damaging experiences. 

Integrating modern trauma-informed approaches to therapy

My name is Johnnie Taylor. I am a BACP Registered psychodynamic therapist, specialising in Internal Family Systems’ (IFS) therapy, i have completed IFS certification with the IFS association; I am also an EMDR Association registered therapist. 

I integrate Internal Family Systems’ and trauma (EMDR) therapies, with a somatic focus, to help you with relationship issues going back to experiences of neglect, abuse and abandonment. Often these early childhood problems show up as complex adult 'symptoms' that seem difficult to find and talk about. With a somatic and trauma focus, it is easier to locate and resolve complicated emotional and health issues. 

These can range from complex PTSD, obsessive worry and intrusive thoughts, panic and agitation, stress, physical co-morbidities, anger, fear, chronic fatigue, a tendency to get into abusive relationships, dealing with bullying, narcissistic abuse, and family problems. Often these issues start with a sensation in the body and we can float back and help your inner child.

Internal Family Systems therapy. Trauma recovery therapy

Internal Family Systems therapy

IFS therapy helps you recognise accept and connect with all the various parts of yourself, rather than ignoring, fighting or condemning them. You can build a compassionate, caring relationship with yourself, perhaps for the first time. It can help you understand how and why different parts of your mind and body have developed in response to various life situations and events.

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Trauma recovery therapy. Complex PTSD treatment


The amazing IFS approach compassionately helps you form healthy relationships with all parts of your self and also using EMDR we can heal, process and unburden those parts of you that have been 'traumatised', perhaps because of neglect, abuse or abandonment. This integrative model is gaining popularity around the world. "Using EMDR with IFS is like turning the lights on in a darkened room. Now I know who's there in the room." (Saxby, 2022) The IFS-informed EMDR approach enables people with a complex past find inner peace, transformation and healing.

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Anxiety and depression EMDR therapy. Depression treatment

Trauma therapy with EMDR

EMDR therapy is recognised by the World Health Organisation and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). EMDR helps you overcome and recover from problems triggered by traumatic events in life. It stops difficult memories causing so much distress by helping the nervous system to reprocess them properly. We can work with singular events or complex trauma and also with attachment issues in your childhood. 

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Please contact Johnnie Taylor BA(Hons) RMN PgDip Couns MSc (BACP Reg, EMDR Assoc Reg, NMC Reg; enhanced DBS). I have IFS Association Certification for IFS1 and further training integrating EMDR and attachment-informed EMDR. 

Send a confidential message on 07525 456544 and I'll get back to you asap. You can also email on this form. Or use the whatsapp button. 

I hope you are well and i look forward to hearing from you. Charges normally per session are £80 depending on time and length of session, and you can pay as you go. 

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