Hi, Apologies I'm developing some more information on IFS and EMDR and somatic approaches to mental health. 

Trauma-Informed therapy with Internal Family Systems & EMDR therapy

Internal Family Systems therapy. Trauma recovery therapy

You might be having a bit of trouble from emotional trauma, PTSD and not even realise it, You might have a history of neglect, abuse and abandonment - that has an impact in your adult life. 

Do you suffer with OCD, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, co-existent health problems, chronic fatigue and chronic pain? Are you always battling your self in some way? Are you self-defeating, self sabotaging, and despite motivation not getting things done?

Do you lack confidence, have social anxiety and tend to self isolate? I can help by intergrating Internal Family Systems therapy and EMDR trauma therapy.

Let's have a confidential free no-commitment discussion over your needs.

Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS)

Trauma recovery therapy. Complex PTSD treatment

IFS therapy helps you recognise accept and connect with all the various parts of yourself, rather than ignoring, fighting or condemning them. You can build a compassionate, caring relationship with yourself, perhaps for the first time. It can help you understand how and why different parts of your mind and body have developed in response to various life situations and events.

I offer a free 30 minute discussion to find out what you need.

EMDR Therapy and Attachment-Informed EMDR therapy (resolving childhood trauma)

Anxiety and depression EMDR therapy. Depression treatment

EMDR therapy is a modern, establised, evidence-based approach to processing and desensitising traumatic incidents. These events might have been in your childhood or in adult situations. Either way we can resolve the burdens of trauma, in your nervous system. This can have a huge beneficial impact on your mind and body.

I offer a free 30 minute discussion to find out what you need.