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Are you living with the symptoms of emotional ‘trauma’, distressing memories and abrupt emotional triggers? Is this making life, work and relationships more difficult? Perhaps you experience flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, panic attacks, phobias, anger, fear? 

Internal Family Systems' therapy is used with a wide variety of health conditions: trauma, depression, anxiety, OCD, addictions, eating disorders, bipolar disorders, personality problems, autism, and for people who have suffered from emotional abuse, abandonment and poor treatment in relationships. It can help you let go from abusive situations. 

 When you embody more Self, and begin to love all aspects of your self and body, your extreme 'protector parts' calm down, they become more playful, safer, freer, more open, joyful. Your nervous system becomes safe. You'll suddenly be able to trace the history of your problems with clear understanding. 

 I integrate IFS with EMDR to process and desentise extreme aspects of trauma that cause hopelessness, worthlessness and self-abandonment. We can reconnect with your inner child and resolve and repair past damaging experiences. 

Psychotherapy tailored to your needs

Trauma-focused EMDR therapy

Trauma-focused EMDR therapy

Professional support to process past traumas.
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Sparkler for you

Internal Family Systems counseling

Explore and integrate different aspects of self.

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Father and Daughter

Personalized therapy sessions

Tailored treatment plans to meet your goals.

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About EMDR therapy

What is Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy?

About the Internal Family System

Founding developer , Richard Schwartz, explains the Internal Family Systems model and how it can help.

Experience healing with us

Discover the power of EMDR and Internal Family Systems therapy in Canterbury, Kent.

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What people say about us

"For a person like me who has never experienced a true bond of belonging or a sense of stability in my life, this is a big step and a kind of deep emotional work. But somehow you managed to enter this world of mine in a harmonious way that is relational, respectful, stable but not rigid. So thank you for that and all the work you do with me. I am grateful. "

"I'm extremely grateful for the work you have done for my client. It has literally changed his life, and I don't say that lightly. Johnnie, you are clearly a talented and highly effective therapist."

"I was looking for a good therapist through the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy website. Johnnie stood out, with his experience, and thankfully it was the best decision i could have made. Johnnie's calm and relaxed manner of speaking and listening brings serenity to the sessions." BH

"Johnnie Taylor is a gifted professional who was able to create for me an understanding of why i feel and react to situations. I was able to gain an understanding and take control and help me avoid going back." AM

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